FOR LOAN CONSULTANT/DSA/FREELANCERS-  taxplanIndia wants to put forward a proposal which can benefit both. A WIN-WIN equation can be  worked out which not only can help you to earn additional income but also helps you in engaging and retaining your clients.Following chart can depict the scope for this WIN-WIN situation.

For LIC /Insurance AgenttaxplanIndia wants to put forward a proposal which can benefit both. A WIN-WIN equation can be  worked out which not only can help you to earn additional income but also helps you in engaging and retaining your clients.Following chart can depict the scope for this WIN-WIN situation.

Frequently asked questions

taxplanIndia will assist you in offering additional services at amazing price to your clients which help you to engage and retain them for longer term.In doing so taxplanIndia will get business from you and your network.It helps both that’s why it is a win-win equation.

taxplanIndia services price is  generally lesser than  market price but it will offer amazing price advantage to its associates by giving him/her huge discount on price of all its services so that they can pass on the benefits to their customers. For more details you have to get in touch with our executive.

taxplanIndia is looking for long term relationship with its associates.We understand the power of your network and also understand that  you as an associate can give taxplanIndia many clients for its services. taxplanIndia value you.If any such situation arrives in front of us.Immediately we will call you and intimate you,will only do what you will instruct us do.

NO, taxplanIndia will send you list of your clients and request you to do the needful so that their ITR can be filed.If you ask us to call them or intimate them on your behalf then it will done without revealing name of  taxplandIndia.

We have experienced team bind by value “ONLY GOOD QUALITY OF SERVICE CAN BUILD TRUST”.

still, unless you give us any opportunity to serve you or your client,you will not be in a position to judge about quality and promptness of our services.taxplanIndia can assure you one thing that your reputation is as important to us as our reputation to us because we are looking for long term relationship with you.


I have two businesses and felt the need of engaging my clients more with me. loan field is very competitive and engaging clients for longer term is an issue which i wanted to solve and i wanted to bring my equation with my clients to next level so that i get references easily. taxplanIndia has solved my issues and brought many services in my bouquet of services.One thing i liked about them is that they are totally focussed on execution of services,they does not want to come in forefront. taxplanIndia price is awesome!
Mudassar Hossain
After arranging loan for client or after selling property,there are very few opportunities to interact with clients.So after closing any deal either in loan or real estate field,i always preferred to find opportunities to get more customers rather than finding more opportunities for interacting with my exiting clients and getting reference or finding any other opportunity to earn from same client. Actually i understood importance of maintaining and engaging all my clients but i was not able to find ways to do it. taxplanIndia was the perfect answer to my need.I have associated with taxplanIndia from last 2 years.taxplanIndia gave me lots of opportunities to interact and serve my clients by offering them bouquet of services which they are any which ways taking from other sources in market. I also earned handsome side income from this.I am more than happy now.I am wishing very grand success to taxplanIndia in future.
I am into debt syndication from last 15 years and saw this industry going through many phases.One fact i am happy about that i want to acknowledge is i was lucky that i came into this field.I came by chance into this field but i thoroughly squeezed all opportunities of making money. I give additional services to my clients,in simple words i do not want my clients to go anywhere.Earlier i was taking other services for my clients from many sources but after coming into contact with taxplanIndia,everything is sorted out that too in favour me and my clients.
As an insurance agent my job is to understand needs of my clients and assist them in finding customized solution for them.I have large number of clients and i maintain very good relationship with them.As an insurance agent and for the sake of good relationship i provide many other services apart from insurance to my clients so that they remember me whenever they think of taking any service from market.But i never earned anything except my commisssion, i always reffered my friends for other services to my clients.But taxplanIndia has changed my perspective in huge way.I am associated with taxplanIndia from last 1.5 years.I have earned very good amount of money simply by referring to taxplanIndia which i was doing for free earlier.taxplanIndia is a through professional company and quality of service is very good.All of my clients,me and my wife are very happy.I am grateful to taxplanIndia and looking forward to longterm relationship with taxplanIndia.
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